Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Yarn is the New Crack

PR Dad said the other day that yarn was like my crack. He also claims that craft stores make him sleepy. He claims its the lighting. And this is from a man who suffers from insomnia. Go figure. But I really do love yarn. So much that I am looking forward to Bass Lake to see if the Yarn Barn is still there. Sad i know, but I really love knitting and crocheting. I know, its not very punk rock, but I cannot help myself. And the other day I found out that my buddy Angela also has a secret. She knits and is taking a sewing class! (Guess its not a secret anymore!) And I was so happy to have a friend (and one that I consider "cool") to share knitting stories and patterns with. The other day PR Dad was watching a dating show. It was about a dating coach following this girl around on dates and giving her advice. The guy asked the girl if she had any hobbies and she says "Yes, I knit, and I bring it with me everywhere!" She them brought out a ball of yarn and needles from her bag. The dating coach was floored and instructed this girl to never ever do that again. It was a deal breaker. I cannot figure out a way to make knitting and crocheting cool. Maybe some needles with flames and a skull knob on top. Should we have knitting circles where we listen to punk music really loud. Or maybe it needs a cooler hipper name like, extreme fabric modification. I don't want to love it has much as I do, and I don't it to take up as much free time as it does, but I really do enjoy it!


  1. Anonymous12:51 PM

    we're totally cool! I'm laughing about the dating coach because I knit on the train in to work and all these women pull out their yarn from their purses!
    we plug in the ipod and make margaritas when we knit in chicago...it's a cocktail stitch n' b*tch! - Ang

  2. Anonymous3:16 PM

    There are all sorts of different knitting clubs. I know that in Ventura, there was a college-aged knitting group where they met each week (at The Underground, a coffee shop that is no longer in business) to knit and share. They were pretty cool too, not "granny spinsters" but your everyday college student. I bet some even listened to Punk.

    Start a club of your own! I bet you can find more peers if you looked hard enough.


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