Sunday, March 18, 2007

Where the kisses are hers and hers and his....

So on Sunday The Phi and I spent the day at home cleaning house. Well I was cleaning house and The Phi was dirtying house. We had a nice visit from Uncle Sam and even had more people come look at the house. While, scrubbing, washing, vaccuming etc. I had the TV on to TV Land. Apparently the groovy show Three's Company is having its 30th anniversay. Why to remind me about my 30th this year. Thanks TV Land, for throwing that in my face. Anyways, they were playing a 24 hour marathon and I left it on most of the day. I cannot even begin to explain my love for this show as a child. I could not get enough of Jack Tripper, Chrissy and Janet. As I watched the a few minutes of episodes I realized that this show taught the young and impressionable 5- year old PR Mom alot of life, more specifically sexuality. This is where I learned what a gay man was, and what sex was. Mr. Roper and his little twinkly finger wave when talking about Jack and his gayness. And Mrs. Roper doing everything she can to get her husband into bed. Jack constantly groping the girls and trying to get them into bed. Larry and his slick lines and big hair trying to be the player of the year. It was such a great show. A show simply about 3 roommates, their friends, and their landlords. Sipping beers at the Regal Beagle and encompassing everything 70's and 80's. Before everyone protested everything and being "PC" was not the norm. The clothes, the hair, the glasses, and the slang. I loved the camping episode with Jack falling out of the hammock over and over again. Or the one with the pie contest, where Chrissy ate Jack's entry. it ended with pies being thrown at everyone. Classic.

So Happy 30th Anniversary Three's Company. I am honored to be established the same year as one of the greatest shows off all time!!

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