Friday, March 16, 2007

My parents did not have tattoos when I was growing up. My Dad waited until is was 50 years old to get his first one. Tattoos were foreign and almost taboo in my childhood house. I got my first on my 20th birthday. It wasn't a rebellion thing, just more of a freezing a moment of my life in time. Punk Rock Dad has 5 tattoos over his chest, arm and back. He has two stars and a sacred heart on his chest. I have a sun on my leg and an "R" on my back. We have turned our tattoos into learning props for The Phi. She has learned shaped from PR Dad's tattoos and the letter "R" from mine. It will be a normal part of her everyday. Of course a 22 month old is way too young to get her first tattoo but over at we can get the next best thing! For sizes as small as 3 months and as big as 6 years, your kid can proudly display his love for their Mommy in tattoo form. The design comes in onesie and t-shirt sizes and is a variety of colors. These 3/4 sleeve baseball style shirt is perfect for my hard-core Punk Rock kid. How cool is she going to be on the playground in this shirt . I love finding new places to buy unique and super cool stuff for The Phi and is a new favorite.

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