Friday, March 02, 2007

Its not on purpose I swear!

I have this strange thing where I dress The Phi and I in the same outfit. Now not exactly the same, but we dress alike. For example if we are going to be driving for a long time I have a tendency to dress us in warm-up like outfits. We both have the pink yoga pants with pink jacket. Yesterday was cold outside and we both wore dark jeans with a sweatshirt. Today we are both in khaki pants and polo shirts. I do not do this on purpose. I don't think, "how cute we would be to dress alike" Sometimes I don't even know that I do it until someone else points it out to me. "Oh, you guys are matching!" I also tend to dress The Phi in boy clothes. I think her wardrobe is about 50% girl clothes and 50% boy clothes now! When PR Dad and I shop for her we look in both sections. Boys always have the cooler shirts! I also try to stay away from pink stuff for her also. It is my childhood of puffy dresses, braids, shiny shoes and tights that makes me stay far far away from those things for The Phi. One day she will rebel and will only wear hoop skirts, tights and Mary Jane shoes. She will insist on matching ribbons in her hair and she will carry a lacy purse. All in pink of course.

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