Friday, March 23, 2007

Dusting off the Chucks

Well PR Dad and I dusted off our Chuck Taylors for the first Punk Rock show in years! PR Dads BFF Mattafact and his band My 2 Dads had their first show last night. Grandma Kim came by and took care of The Phi for us. It was at a cool bar and we had a blast. I have been watching Matt play in shows for over 4 years and this was the first time I saw him as the lead and it was the best show he has ever done! The band sounded good and Matt's voice sounded good. The $2 well drinks helped us have a lot of fun. Well me, poor PR Dad was driving and could not partake in the drinking!

Mattafact rubbing the goatee for good luck before the show

It's official. My2Dads is back.

This is what PR Parents look like.

Pr Dad and Sammy the Bull enjoying the show.

This is how cool guys congratulate each other.
Seriously though I cannot say enough how great the show was! If you get a chance to see them live do not hesitate and go!


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