Thursday, March 08, 2007

Devil in disguise

In the last week, my beautiful little angel child has become possessed and has turned into a devil child. We are about 2 months away from 2 and she has jumped onto the fast track to the terrible twos. Any little thing will set her off into a full on flip-out, throw myself on the floor, screaming, crying, I don't care where we are, I don't care who is watching, lasting for 20 minutes, melt downs. She does this at home, in the car, at the office, in a store, at a restaurant. Yesterday when we got to the office she cried for 20 minutes because she wanted a book that was in the car. Never mind the box of books, toys and videos she already has in the office. It is unbelievable frustrating! I can't figure out the best way to deal with her temper tantrums. I have a feeling that she is getting smarter and she is testing me and PR Dad to see how far she has to go to get what she wants. I can hold out and let her cry for 20 minutes and not give in. PR Dad is a completely different story. And it is laying the foundation for a household just like the one I grew up in. Where Mom was the mean and nasty one who always said No. (No worries Mom I totally understand now!) And Dad was the "Yes Man". Which means that PR Dad will always deal with a happy spoiled child, while I will have to deal with a bratty spoiled brat. We have talked about this before and we don't want The Phi growing up a spoiled kid, who gets everything she wants or who throws a fit when they don't. What is the best way to do this??? Help me out people. I want my little angel back!


  1. Anonymous4:39 PM

    A good old-fashion wooping helps.

  2. Anonymous7:12 PM

    stay strong Elissa! You're her mom, not her friend. You're the boss here! I like the first comment...a good old fasion spank never hurt anyone.

  3. do you remember when mom and dad tried to switch. one day dad said that mom was going to be the nice one and dad would be the strict one. haha i think that lasted about 5 minutes.

  4. i remember that too! dont spank her, just ignore her. tell joey not to be such a sucker! she knows exactly what she's doing.


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