Friday, March 30, 2007

A Blah Week

This week has been pretty blah-y. We had a nice dinner with the family on Tuesday but PR Dad has had some pretty bad back pain lately so he has been to the doctor a few time, and then American Idol did not record!!!, The Phi is still having issues sleeping, I had a nice menegitits episode on Wednesday and Thursday, and then to top it off my cell phone met its demise by The Phi and a cup of water. So if you call me and all you hear is gurgling, its just my phone drowning in H2O. If anyone really needs me, you going to have to call PR Dad. After calling my cell phone company (Nextel) they informed me that despite me paying $4 a month for almost 2 years for insurance it would still cost me $100 for a replacement phone. Then I asked if I could switch my phone plan to the minimum and keep PR Dads the same so I can move to a new company. They informed me that any change to my plan would renew my contract with Nextel for 2 more years. So my options are to either pay $100 for a new phone that I will use until June and cannot be used with a different provider, or pay for a 1000 minute plan for 2 months for a phone that won't even turn on. Looks like Nextel has no problems screwing their customer. We have been loyal customers with them for 2 years and despite the crappy reception we have stuck it out. And this is how they repay us. Damn them. So we are looking for a new cell phone company. Any suggestions??


  1. Anonymous2:03 PM

    I suggest pressing them on the insurance issue. Demand that they give you a copy of the terms of the insurance you have been paying for. It seems ridiculous that the phone, with insurance coverage, would cost $100. --JVS

  2. you can't get someone's old nextel/sprint phone and put your # on it? luis is using elaine's old phone right now.

  3. Anonymous11:05 PM

    yeah...switch to verizon so it won't cost me minutes when we talk....tommy

  4. i say tmobile. u will get the most for your money with them. and the service isnt bad... well in moorpark

  5. Anonymous4:01 PM

    i have at&t/cingular and it works fine. Cingular has that same policy now....we could pay $5 a month for ins however they told us most phones are so expensive now that they will not replace them even with the insurance. Something to ask the dealer about when you switch plans!-jdub

  6. I'm with Tommy- verizon has never give us any probs...the family plan!

  7. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Listen to Sam... Verizon has been the best to us over the past few years. We always get awesome upgrades for little or no $$. Hardly any dropped calls too. We all got brand new razors for zero cost just a few months ago. "Head Up Young Person" - you'll get through this crisis.


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