Thursday, February 15, 2007

A snow

PR Dad planned a wonderful Valentine's Day for his girls. We spent the day in Big Bear, in the chilly cold, all bundled up in the snow! We took The Phi to the zoo and I can't tell you how strange it is to walk around a zoo and see the animals with snow in their cages. The Phi loved the snow and when she had the option of walking in the snow or on concrete, she always picked snow. We took a long drive around the entire lake so The Phi could nap and then we walked around their little downtown area. We walked the little shops and bought The Phi an Curious George book about a trip to the snow. It was a perfect memento from her first snow trip. We stopped at a chocolate shop before heading down the mountain and because it was Valentine's Day we treated The Phi to a chocolate covered Graham cracker, while PR Dad and I feed each other white chocolate covered cherries!! Muy romantico! Big Bear holds a special place for PR Dad and I. When we first started dating PR Dad could not believe I had never really seen snow, so on one of our first weekends together (during our hotel days) he took me up to Big Bear and made me ride this alpine sled ride. We ended our day with dinner at Sayaka (Japanese teppen style) and a stroll through the 99 cents store for sponges! We had a wonderful day. PR Dad did a great job giving his girls a memorable Valentine's Day!

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