Thursday, February 01, 2007

Baby Days

You stand by me I stand by you

If there is a fight I'm the one to come to

Good and bad, times we've been through

You got my back and I got yours too

All of my life you are in my crew

I'd do anything for you

Beat someone black and blue

Black and blue I would do it for you

Believe it or not this song was a part of The Phi's night time routine for about the first year of her life. We had bought the CD (Joeys bf travis is in the band) right before The Phi was born and this song was the first single. I liked it and we listened to it often. I think the CD was in her room because I had been listening to it getting her room ready. After her bath I would put on all her lotions and pajamas, comb her curls out and sing her this song. She was so tiny and I had this strong feeling of protection over her. And not just as a baby, but I could imagine her older and this song just seemed to capture everything I was feeling as becoming a Mom for the first time. I have never ever been a fighter but I knew that I would fight tooth and nail for my little girl. Once The Phi got a little older and started talking I stopped playing the song because I was afraid she would start repeating the bad words! But every time this song comes on my i-pod it reminds me of The Phi.

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  1. That's awesome. It is so funny how adult you can be around a little baby (we have had more than one marginal nickname for the kiddo - the creep being the nicest of the lot) and how you have to regress as they get older. That will make a great story when she is older and you are desperately trying to prove how cool you used to be...


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