Friday, January 26, 2007


The Phi's vocabulary is growing everyday. She can say things like , "want to get down", she can tell me when she is going "caca", she knows how to say "duck" and "cow". She can tell me where her eyes, nose, belly, toes and ears are. She can say "I miss you Daddy". All these things lead to believe that The Phi is an intelligent kid capable of learning and speaking English. Even though she prefers to speak in Phi-anese, and very loudly. So why?why?why? won't she say Momma. She refuses. When you ask her to she just puts her head in her hands and if she is beyond stressed out. First I thought she just couldn't say the "M" sound, but she says "meeta" all the time. (Meeta is 'want that' in phi-anese") She knows that I am her Momma. If you ask her where her Momma is, she will point at me. But she won't say it. Not for anything. Not for candy, not for juice, not for toys. Not for anything. Maybe she will just start calling me by my first name instead. Won't that be fun?

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  1. Anonymous1:43 PM

    It'll come... it's taken my friend's kid a very long time to say "momma", but "dadda" was her first word.

    BTW - I love that she can say "want to get down"!


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