Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I say bad words. I don't say them very often. I am not the kind of person who uses the f-word in every sentence. Just once in awhile a bad word will slip out when I need it for emphasis. My parents didn't curse in front of us and my BFF Jessica and I were reminiscing about when we first heard a bad word. We were both about 9 years old and in fourth grade. I can vividly remember playing hop-scotch by the stairs near the cafeteria with Jessica and Marybell. We were standing at a water fountain, wetting the wads of paper towel that we used for markers. You know you have to get them really soaked so that they stick to the ground when you throw them. As we were standing around the water fountain Marybell said the s-word. I was shocked. I was not sure what it meant, and it was like a foreign language to me. A new word I had never heard before. But somehow I knew it was b-a-d.

Jess and I were talking about bad words because her 2 year old son Elias recently uttered his first bad word, and he made it a doozie! While at a neighbors house he was playing with a dog. This dog had been rescued and had been abused as a puppy, so Jessica told him not to taunt the dog. Elias was moving toward the dog and then away from him and Jess asked him to stop. He looked at his Mom with his beautiful, innocent blue eyes and said "Mom, I am just f***ing with him!" Well at least he used it correctly!


  1. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Kids pick up the darndest things from the darndest places.

  2. god, i remember that the first one I heard was the b-word and I had NO IDEA but, like you, I knew it was baddddd. Then there was the time when my friend flipped me off and I cried and cried because it was so mean, not knowing, of course, what it meant.

    hey, sorry I haven't been around much (like FOREVER) I will try to be a better internet friend from now on. and thank you for the card, you guys are on my fridge lookin' cute. :)

  3. I'm guilty too! AJ says "S*it", which he picked up, unfortunately from me!!! And he says a bad word in Spanish! So sad!

  4. remember when chone called me a ditch! haha


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