Monday, January 22, 2007

Chill weekend, bad Monday

This weekend was very chill. The Phi and I didn't even leave the house or got our of our sweats. We hung out, read books, colored, watched Blues Clues, listened to a new kids dance cd, took the dog a bath, and just hung out together. The Phi had some troubling sleeping and so we needed the relaxing days. Well Monday rolls around and the morning goes well. We get into the jeep and turn the key and....nothing. Damn it. So my co-workers husband (they live close by) came out and figured out it was my starter. So now I have to buy a new starter and I can't even emphasize how much we don't have the money. Oh well electricity is totally overrated. I cannot begin to explain how much I hate not having a reliable car and until the jeep I pretty much always had a reliable car. And I always had family and friends near by to help in a pinch. I hate the added stress of "crap I hope the car starts today". So I made it to work and it's a Monday so there is alot to do, and since PR Dad is in Boston, I have The Phi all week (who has been extra whiny today) and I am on the edge because I have the stress of wondering what I am going do if my car wont start. How am I going to get to the auto parts store? How am I going to get home? We need a new car. For the amount we paid for it and the number of miles we have put on it we have definitely gotten out money's worth. We have planned to get a new car when the house sells, but these freakin house will not sell and I don't think we are going to be able to hold out until then. I see a huge car payment in my future.


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