Saturday, December 02, 2006

LA Auto Show

Okay guys are we seriously here just to look at cars??

New Concept Camero.

The water interested her.

This is what Ouie will be driving if she has anymore kids. Seats 15!!

As close as I am ever going to get to actually having one!

My manly man in a manly car.

Me being girly in a manly car.

New concept Mustang

The Step Van from Honda. We both really liked this, but I said that I would have an uncontrollable urge to sell ice cream out of it.

Ssssoooo B-o-r-e-d!!

I had many great opportunities to get some shots of Joey's tiny butt.

I have mentioned Joey's man-cruch on Travis barker, so you can imagine how excited he was to see Travis' car there.

34 inch rims. WHY? WHY? WHY?


Seriously guys, get me out of here before I lose it!!

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