Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Voting with Sore Arms

We rocked the vote today. We turned in our absentee ballots and insured our right to complain about our government! As we were waiting in the line to drop off our ballot I noticed that my arms were really sore. I could not figure out what I had done to leave my arms sore. Was The Phi really gaining weight, because if she is she must be sneaking food because God knows that kid doesn't eat when I feed her. After we rocked the vote and a rousing edition of "Rock the Vote, Go Rock the Vote baby, Rock the Vote, Don't forget to go Vote now!" (sung to the tune of Rock the Boat) we headed to the park for a brisk walk and a few minutes at the playground and as I was pushing the stroller I figured out why my arms were sore. It was from the damn shopping cart at the grocery store yesterday! You know how the carts are always crappy and are either too loud and rickety. Well the one pulled to the right. And at first it was not too big of a deal but as I added more and more stuff to our cart the harder it was to keep it from running old people and the shelves of food. It was a struggle but what was I going to do. Go get a new cart, strap The Phi in and move all my groceries from the ghetto cart to a less ghetto cart. No way. I was going to push through. The cart pulled to the right so bad that when we were finally back in the jeep I was overcorrecting my driving because it felt like the jeep was pulling to the right. So the mystery of the sore arms was solved. And on a beautiful Election Day to boot!

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