Thursday, November 02, 2006

Isn't is strange how things in your head connect?

Driving home from Santa Barbara last night I was listening to Art Lobe's Killer Oldies Dedication show. Come on, you know Art Lobe? The really white sounding old guy that sends shout outs to "La Sleepy and Shy Girl in La Puente from Little Gangster in Fresno, He says Do let no one get you down" Anyways I was listening to all these dedications and suddenly a memory from high school popped into my head. Back in my junior year there was this guy Sean. He was a mystery kind of guy. Kind of quite and even though he was soo cute he never really dated. But he did have this neighbor girl that hung all over him all the time. Lots of girls liked him even though he wore Flojos with socks almost everyday. He was a football player, tall dark and handsome. Damn even Boo got a basketball upside her head because of Sean! Anyways I set my eyes on him. And being the very forward girl that I was back then I asked him to the homecoming dance. So after I asked him we became a kind of couple. We dated and went to a few movies and a few high school functions together and I got to know him a little bit better. He was a really nice guy and I guess I was so happy to be with him that I was compelled to write in a dedication to a local radio station. I remember the night that I was in my room listening to Q-1047 and the DJ read my letter on the air. It was such a Santa Paula thing for me to do. And of course a lot of my classmates heard the dedication and it was the talk around the lockers. I was slightly embarrassed about it but Sean said that he liked it and it was a nice gesture. (Sean ended up marrying the neighbor girl)

Well this memory made me think of how I had to write a letter because this was the days before the internet revolution. And then I could picture it. On top of my desk that I had glued NKOTB pictures all over was my Brother word processor. It was my baby step to an actual computer. It had a screen with yellow letters and all you could do was write papers. After you typed you pressed the print button and it would print out your paper. I remember how freakin cool this machine was. Patty use to come over to borrow it. It was high tech all the way.

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