Monday, October 30, 2006

Wow those pictures look great....

Wow don't these pictures look great! So clear like someone took them with a brand new Sony Cybershot DCS-T10. Well thats because I did! My parents got me the bomb new digital camera for my b-day. It is so small and so super cool. So be prepared people, for brighter, clearer and just more pictures of The Phi.

We have begun our week long stay out in Santa Barbara. It has been nice, but Joey has been working so much. His store has had inventory so he has been working late and going in early. Atleast we are here when he gets home. The Phi has been enjoying herself with the dogs and all the exploring we have been doing around the house. We are really looking forward to Halloween tomorrow. My sisters and the kids are coming up so all the cousins can go trick-or-treating together. And you better believe that there are going to be tons of pictures.

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