Tuesday, September 05, 2006

How we did not Labor on Labor Day

It was our first weekend of traveling to SB to be with Joey. We were lucky because it was a long weekend. My sisters came up and we all hung out together. Of course Tommyma came up to help celebrate my Moms b-day.
Here is Elaine reading to the kids. The Phi got bored and left, probably to try to walk thru the fireplace again.

The Phi found a new hiding place. Somewhere to lay low until people forget where she is and then she makes a run for the fireplace.

Elaine + Flip = True Love Forever

Damn wind didnt let my Mom have real candels. She had to pretend. Look at my dog begging for cake.

On Monday we took a trip out to Solvang. The last time I was there I fit in this shoe.

How can you go to Solvang and not take a picture here?
And I leave you with The Phi and her friends. Frida Kahlo Fantastic, Ernie, Hiphopanonamous, Cookie Monster Fantastic, and Iz Twinkle Twinkle Fantastic. I hope she makes real human friends one day!


  1. Oh! Send your heads-in-a-cutout over to my friend at Patongo! She is asking for heads-in-cutout pictures! I sent one of the Creep being a chicken.

    And I tagged Phi here.

    I hope you guys are doing well and enjoying the whole 'marriage thing'!

  2. hey u didnt mention the hawaiian girl doll that sophias name! why are you being rascist?


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