Punk Rock Parents: How we did not Labor on Labor Day

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

How we did not Labor on Labor Day

It was our first weekend of traveling to SB to be with Joey. We were lucky because it was a long weekend. My sisters came up and we all hung out together. Of course Tommyma came up to help celebrate my Moms b-day.
Here is Elaine reading to the kids. The Phi got bored and left, probably to try to walk thru the fireplace again.

The Phi found a new hiding place. Somewhere to lay low until people forget where she is and then she makes a run for the fireplace.

Elaine + Flip = True Love Forever

Damn wind didnt let my Mom have real candels. She had to pretend. Look at my dog begging for cake.

On Monday we took a trip out to Solvang. The last time I was there I fit in this shoe.

How can you go to Solvang and not take a picture here?
And I leave you with The Phi and her friends. Frida Kahlo Fantastic, Ernie, Hiphopanonamous, Cookie Monster Fantastic, and Iz Twinkle Twinkle Fantastic. I hope she makes real human friends one day!


  1. Oh! Send your heads-in-a-cutout over to my friend at Patongo! She is asking for heads-in-cutout pictures! I sent one of the Creep being a chicken.

    And I tagged Phi here.

    I hope you guys are doing well and enjoying the whole 'marriage thing'!

  2. hey u didnt mention the hawaiian girl doll that sophias name! why are you being rascist?