Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What I want to pass down to my daughter

I was reading some other blogs and one put out the questions, what are somethings from your childhood that you are excited about sharing with your child? Of course there is the Sesame Street show and all those characters, and the awesome book, "Theres a Monster at the End of This Book", but there is something else I can't wait to share with The Phi when she gets into those akward pre-teen years. When I was that age I LOVED LOVED LOVED the Sweet Valley Twin book series. I have over 100 of the books.
All the adventures of the identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth. I felt a slight connection because my best friends name is Jessica and Elissa is a form of Elizabeth. A bit of a stretch I know but still. I seriouly loved reading these books. I remember my Mom would take me to Nicholby's book store on Main Street and I could get the lastest book in the series. I loved seeing all the different book on the shelves. All shiny and brand new, with the spines still intact because the book had never been open. It got to a point that I would get home with my new book and I would read about the lastest problem Jessica got herself in and how Elizabeth would have to get her out of it. And it always was left with a cliffhanger leaving me excited for the next book to come out. When this reading bliss lasted less than an hour (it would take me less than an hour to read the whole book) I knew that it was time to move on to a more mature and challenging reading series. I think I moved on to a subscription to Bop magazine since the NKOTB obssession had begun. That magazine probably only took an hour to read but it took days to get the poster up on just the right spot on my wall. I really hope that The Phi grows up to be a reader like her Mom. I hope that she will devour each and every book of the Sweet Valley Twin series.


  1. Anonymous5:02 PM

    With any luck and sharing books you will pass on your love

  2. Sweet Valley High was my obsession. I literally read every one like 30 times. And yes..I left them about the time NKOTB came into my life haha

  3. Anonymous11:40 AM

    And then she can go on to equally literate masterpieces for adults, like Harlequin romances and Jackie Collins books, I guess....


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