Monday, August 28, 2006

And what about The Phi in all this?

We just spent 6 crazy days out in VC and we had a blast. Here is just some of the action...

The Phi and Chone at the waiting room at the hospital.

We took care of Chone while her Mom and new brother and sister were in the hospital. Here are the girls at a park playing house.

A visit to Uncle Tommy's Steak & Hoagie Shop. The Phi gets free hoagies for life there! One of the only bets I ever won with Tom.

Enjoying the VC weather. While I helped clean up for my sister The Phi pulled this car over to the back door and sat and enjoyed the view of the back yard and the bird feeder and bath.

The Phi seemed a little freaked out by the babies. Here she is with her new cousin Lili, notice Elaine having to hold her there.

And here is The Phi running away from Felix

We even had Chone's Build-A-Bear Party. (The twins were born just 3 days before Chone's B-day) Since my sister couldn't be there Super Tias, me and Elaine took over. (Mental note: Never let The Phi have a Build-A-Bear party.) Phi made a cute bear that we named Iz Twinkle Twinkle Fantastic. After the famous IZ the hawaiian singer!

And after 6 days of on the go getting back to the office on Monday was tough. Here is my human paper weight. Its amazing I can get any work done!


  1. Anonymous9:05 PM

    i really liked this post. it really sums up your time in VC. it was so perfect how you guys had the hotel room and were here. thanks sooooo much!

  2. Anonymous9:06 PM

    ~ cari

  3. very nice play by play, I especially liked the Phi running away from her cousin.

    Ver' scary, the little babies, I am right there with ya Phi.

  4. Love that last pic!!! That one is a classic!

  5. haha those pictures are funny. the phi is crazy. i cant wait until you guys are here permanently


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