Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Walk This Way!

Its been hot. The only way to describe the heat is it is like standing in front of your oven, when its on, at 400 degrees, with the door open. It is miserable. We have been trying to figure out ways to still get The Phi out of the house without having her pass out from the heat! We found a regional park out in Yucaipa and we loved it. It has places for camping and a few lakes as well as a small water park with a man made beach. Pretty cool! We took a walk around the park and it was actually nice out there. Weather wise!

The Phi checking out the ducks on the lake. They have fishing there and stock the lakes a few times a month.

Baby Rock Climbing!

Is that Chino from Deftones pushing my kid on the swing?? Oh no its just Joey.

This kid is walking like crazy. She walks around strutting her stuff, like she has been walking for years and not just weeks. Yesterday she walked across the entire length of BabiesRUs. Its amazing she is such a little kid now.


  1. How adorable!!! The park you found sounds awesome! I totally share your joy watching my kid develop into a boy and not a baby! I can't believe our babies were born on the same day!

  2. Thanks for your comment! So funny to see that our kiddos are doing the same things at the same age! Very reassuring! Yes, AJ gets easily frustrated by everything!!! he's kinda been like that since he was born though. He is extremely strong-willed and from the beginning has gotten easily frustrated b/c I think in his mind he can do way more advanced things than his body will allow him to. He's really perfecting the art of temper tantrums right now!!! I am amazed when I see him throw himself on the floor and scream when he doesn't get what he wants. I just don't understand how he knows to do that! He doesn't see other kids do that cause he's around adults most of the time, but instinctively, he just knows!!! What else is The Phi good at these days???


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