Thursday, July 06, 2006

Posing after the I Do's

After the ceremony we sent eveyone to the house for the reception. Tommy had everything under control at the house so the wedding party and my parents stayed to get some great pictures on the beach.
We couldn't have Matt as the best man and not do his signature point move.

When Rosie snapped this picture I knew it was going to be a good one. I love it! All of a sudden Joey had 2 sisters, a niece and a niece and nephew on the way. How great does my sister look for being 7 months pregnant with twins!! She bought the dress she is wearing and it was all white, so she sewed the ribbon on herself. Who knew Ouie could sew!

The manly men of the wedding party. Sammy the Bull and of course Matt. Thanks for taking one for the team and wearing pink for one day. You both looked great!

And the belle of the ball. The Phi. She was trying to eat the flower, but in this picture she looks like she is smelling it! And yes, that little brown fur behind her is her Curious George doll. He was her date for the wedding.

Mr. & Mrs!!

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