Thursday, July 13, 2006

Aloha Part 2

Sharks Cove. We had rented snorkels for the week and this is where the we first used them. We saw a few fish even though the water wasnt so deep.
Man the waves must be dangerous here.
I have always had a deep love of surfing. (Even though I am crappy at it.) And it was pretty amazing to finally be where great surfers go to surf.
The blowhole. Where the water had carved a hole through the lava rock.
The Pali Lookout. It was amazing how windy the top of the cliff was.
Hanauma Bay. We spent a few hours snorkeling here and it was AMAZING! Beautiful fish just swimming along with you.
Because we had rented a car and Joey drove he didnt get to drink very much so on the last night we walked to dinner and he got his drink on. This is what happens when Joey has had one to many Mai Tai's.
We were surprised to learn that pineapples were first introduced to Hawaii in 1901 by Mr. Dole.
This one is for you Erika. Everyday we wanted to stop and get the ice cream that Erika had bought us. And evey day we were way too stuffed. So at the airport while we waited to board our plane, we said good bye to Oahu and to our wonderful week together with some ice cream. Thanks Erika. And thank you to our very geneorus families who made this trip an incredible one for us. We did everything we wanted to do. Words cannot describe how much fun we had.

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  1. Anonymous2:37 PM

    LoL! I can't believe you actually ate some ice cream! =] COOL! Thanks for the proof! LoL! I'm glad you guys enjoyed your ice cream!


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