Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thursday already????

13 reasons it is good to be The Phi
(In honor of my baby turning 1 on Monday)
1. I have my own bed in my own room. Even Mom and Dad have to share
2. I have one older girl cousin, so I am the first to get the hand-me-downs (sorry erwina)
3. Little things, like me sitting on a toilet impresses the heck out of people.
4. No day care for me! It is either Mom or Dad, all the time.
5. My Great Gpa calls me "precious"
6. Laughing at my parents as they try to figure our parenthood
7. Being spoiled by my grandparents, tias, god-parents, great god-parents, and Rosie!
8. The cool t-shirts I get to wear
9. People always smile when they see me
10. Can torture the dog and HE gets in trouble
11. Don't have to pick up my toys or wipe my own butt
12. I get carried everywhere I go
13. Having a Curious George birthday party this weekend!!

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