Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thirteen Cool Things about Being The Phi's Mom

1…. Random people stop my anywhere I go to tell me how cute she is.

2. I have an excuse to watch Sponge Bob and buy Curious George dolls

3. That feeling I get when she learns something new.

4. Going into her room to wake her in the morning and seeing her first smile of the day

5. Having an excuse to go to Target constantly. "Well The Phi needs ...."

6. Because she looks so much like her Dad it is like having a mini Joey around and I don't have to miss him as much during the day

7. Kid's clothes. There are some really cool kids clothes out there. I love dressing her up in rock band t-shirts.

8. Having someone look at me the same way Roo does.

9. Having a greater appreciation for all the Moms out there. (Not like the lady in the parking lot today who just watched me balance a GIANT fed-ex package, 2 bags, and a baby while I tried to pick up my car keys. Thanks a lot lady, just drive off in your BMW)

10. Seeing the sheer joy in her face when she see her Dada and watching his heart melt when he see her.

11. Getting to read all the cool kids books my mom use to read to us.

12. Being a part of the "mom" club.

13. Watching the joy she brings other people and the feeling of pride that gives me because we are raising a kick-ass kid.

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1 comment:

  1. She's certainly cute--unless you borrowed someone's kid for those pictures!

    My TT is up.


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