Monday, May 22, 2006

The Mandatory Birth Story Post

It has been a whole year. 365 days of motherhood. Today my baby girl turns 1! It was a year ago that that mild stomach ache in the middle of the night, ended up being labor and 19 hours later, we had a Phi and we were a family. I have wanted to tell the story of that day. Infact I have been thinking about it, because I thought I would want to re-live that day. But strangly enough, now that the day is here, I don't. Instead I want to celebrate my baby girl as she is today. And celebrate the end of the baby phase and welcome the toddler phase with open arms. I want to laugh with my baby, and watch her crawl and stand, and babble. All the things she can do now that she is 1!

Of course it has been an amazing year for us. Of course we were not prepared for the amount of emotion she would stir in us. Of course we love her and are so proud of her. My baby girl is 1 today! And today the birthday kids are home together. Yes today my "husband-in- 32-days" is also celebrating. He is 33 today!


  1. hehe rock on

    i liked your blog...
    erm... can you explain to me this thursday 13 concept???


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