Friday, May 26, 2006


Since I have started this blog I have found a whole community of Mom's who blog. There are some really great and funny ones out there. One of my favorites is The Madcap Adventures of Mama Grouch and The Creep. The Creep is one cute kid, and I have to admit the pink boa drew me in. Well not long ago Mama Grouch was complaining of having too many of her home made crafts. I believe she said something about them spilling out the windows. So I emailed and a "swap" was born. In exchange for a crochet blanket for The Creep, Mama Grouch would make Phi a awesome hand-made robot. Click Here to check out Mama Grouch and The Creeps site. You can even see the blanket I made for The Creep. I came home from lunch on Thursday and there it was a postal package on the porch!!! YEA! I excitedly (yes thats a word) went into the house and to my major disappointment The Phi was sleeping and since the package was addressed to her and it is against the law to open someone elses mail, I had to wait until I got home from work to open it. Here it is....

Here is the package. She was home with Dad that day. That explains the hair-do.

The Phi notices the package

Someone is peeking out.
Even the lazy dog was intrigued

The Phi and Creep (we named him in honor of The Creep)

"Freak-a-zoid Robots, please report to the dance floor"
How freakin awesome is this??



  1. It is so FREAKY seeing something I made in someone elses house with someone elses kid on someone elses blog.

    It beats getting a package hands down.

    I am so glad phi liked the robot! I might have to start calling them 'robot pillows' because that is how my niece uses hers too!

  2. Anonymous11:11 AM

    I commented on this on Mama Grouch's blog, too. Your swap is an awesome idea!


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