Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Break on Through to the Other Side.

Phi still only has 2 teeth. It seems like she has been trying to cut her top teeth for months now. And they look like they are going to be big, so I can't wait until she has a new toothy grin, but damn it those damn teeth will not break on through. I think I should be worried about this. Most kids at one has at least their bottom and top teeth. Not to mention the crankiness that goes along with teething and the drooling. Seriously it is excessive. Last night she was drinking some formula out of her Nuby cup and she rolled over to get up and it looked like she was spitting up. It was just drool mixed with formula. She always has this little drop on drool on her chin. Yup I just looked over at her and there it is.

On other development news, Phi has been getting brave with her standing. She will now let go and stand for awhile on her own. She is good until she gets too excited about it and falls on her butt, or I get too excited about it start clapping for her and then she starts clapping and falls on her butt. I think walking is in our very near future. Can you even believe it? Where does all the stinking time go?

Okay I am nervous about an email I just sent to my boss. I was giving her my vacation request for the wedding and honeymoon. I also explained to her that I wanted to cut my hours back when I got back from vacation. I feel awful doing this because I know what a freakin' awesome boss I have to even let me bring Phi to work. I love this job and I don't want to lose it but it is getting harder and harder to entertain Phi for 8 hours. Plus she is much more mobile these days and I feel awful leaving her in a play pen or exersaucer all day. And by the time we get home it is dinner time and then soon after bath and bed time. I think the fact that Phi had never played at a park before really did it for me. She is cooped up in an office all day. With almost no where to play and crawl, and explore. I know that I can get all my work done with less hours. I just don't want to push it you know.

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