Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The pics I promised!

march 26th is a big day for the Lerma Family. It is the G'parents wedding anniversary, aunt and uncles anniversary and the Twins b-day.
We pass by this place all the time and we had the celebration dinner with the Lerma family there. It's MJ (Mr. Joey!)
Sophia excited because Dada is home!
Pics of Phi with her new firetruck.
She loves clapping!
My poor sick baby. We go to the doctor today.
Phi helping Mama make a blanket for Larry

I told my Mom the other day that Phi watched TV. She couldn't belive it. She is definatly Joey's kid. Look at her lounge!

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  1. Anonymous11:43 AM

    i have never seen her stand before on her own! WOW, i cant believe she is so big already. let her know that larry and erwin cant wait to be wrapped up in that nice cover. if she is almost walking, then i guess it will be no time before the twins are in their blanket.


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