Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Extracting the Demons

Sorry for the delay in posting. I have been out of comission with a really jacked up ankle. Finally am going to see a doctor ( well a physican's assistant because I would have to wait until the 24th of May to see a dr!) on Monday.

Well the party went really really well. We didn't run out of food, people found places to sit, and sounds like everyone had a great time.

Here is Nina Patty getting Phi ready. I loved her baptism dress. The front has a beautiful Virgen de Guadalupe.
The diva fur lined cape.
All ready!
They were pretty strict about when pictures could be taken, but they did let us take pictures of the water being poured on her head. She did great. She was the best baby at the baptism. She didn't cry and even seemed to enjoy the ceremony.
We posed with Father Frank after the ceremony. Phi was admiring the handwork on Father's robe. Makes me think she will be crafty and enjoy crocheting and knitting with her Mom.
She was soo ready for a nap when we got home, but there was too much excitement and she refused to nap. So by the time we opened presents she was exhusted. Half way through gifts Dada picked her up and she was out before she got to her crib. Phi got a ton of great gifts. What a generous family we have. She got so many adorable spring and summer outfits. I can't wait until it warms up around here and she can wear them all. She also got a few toys and a few frames and crosses. The one Crissy and Phill bought her was beautiful and engraved.
Here is the cake that her Grandpa Gabriel bought for her. She got a taste of the frosting. I am not even going to tell you how much of it we had left over. I am was handing out huge pieces. Since I am not really a cake eater I was trying to give it all away.
Phi got to spend some time with Tommyma. Look at that, a rock star in training!
It really was a great party and it was so nice to have all our family in our house together. Now our house holds some family memories. And I want to thank my sisters for helping set up all the food. You guys rock!


  1. Anonymous4:50 PM

    your welcome! i love doing parties. just let me know what going on for the b day party so me and elaine can get started on that. remember im home all day and i love shopping. ~ cari


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