Thursday, March 30, 2006

What a difference a few years make!

I met Matt when he became the bass player of The Erks. Back when he was what I like to call jigga-ho. We now work together a few days a week. (I work for his parents company). Today has been a quite day in the office. Sophia is here and Matts step-son Drew is here. Before it use to be dirty noisy venues, Hollywood Blvd and Sunset, late night Roscoe's after shows. Now we are parents. Infact Matt is going to have a daughter in just a few days. .


  1. Dude when you said dirty noisy venue it made me want to go see a show. like at chain reaction or somewhere like that. Maybe an erks show

  2. When you said dirty noisy venues it made me want to go see an erks show or go to chain reaction. maybe livery theatre, ventura theatre.


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