Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Sippy Cup Drinking Fool

My kid is now a sippy cup drinking fool. She will drink water, juice, even formula out of a sippy cup. And not just the nuby ones, from any sippy cup. After all the agony and all the money spent on numerous types of cups it took a few drinks with the nuby's and now she will drink out of any of the cups we have bought. It is awsome. This could be the end of the bottle days as we know them. Oh to not have to wash another bottle nipple again. It is already 2:30ish and she has not had one bottle today. I wanted her to be off the bottle by one. Yes, looks like its going to happen! Go Phi!

1 comment:

  1. Believe me, I know the beautiful freedom that comes with the transition from bottle to sippy cup and from sippy cup to regular cup. Just wait 'till she's potty trained can take an unsupervised bath -- it's like heaven.

    what a little beauty btw -- love the pics.


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