Monday, March 20, 2006

Getting her grub on.

My little baby is so ready for some finger foods. Today we headed to Redlands to buy some new bedding for our bedroom. We finally found a set we both really liked. We were out longer than expected and we bought Phi some dinner and we headed to Niko Niko, a sushi place in Redlands. They always have great food, but today they were loving Phi. Infact they were loving her so much that one of the waitresses took our picture for a slide show that they show in the restaurant. So while we were eating I gave Phi an bit of edamame. She liked it okay. Then I gave her chunks of tofu from our miso soup. She LOVED it. Could not get enough. So if anyone knows how to cook tofu let me know! She also ate some white rice from my chop sticks and loved that too. I can't believe that my once tiny little bundle is ready to eat some people food. We also bought her 1st birthday card invitations. Still can't believe that it has been a whole year.

Well here is the bedding we bought. Thought I would take a picture because it will probably be the only time that the bed is made. Joey was under the covers less than a minute after this pictire was taken. Speaking of Joey, he had another eye doctor appointment and his eye is getting much better. He only has to put in drops once every 2 hours and only dilate his eye at night. Yea!

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  1. u can buy tofu at the grocery store. i think its in the lettuce isle.


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