Friday, February 10, 2006

Yes..its Friday

This week has not been too bad. It has moved along rather quickly. Work has been busy, but at a nice pace where there is always something to do, but not stressful. Phi and I did a little Valentines Day shopping and mailed out our cards. We still need to find something for Joey. Any suggestions? Last night Uncle Matty and Sam came over to hang out and eat pizza. It was so nice. When Matt lived with us, we use to do this all the time. Just eat Palermo's pizza, laugh and joke and just hang out. Matt, Sam and Joey miss it too. I want to congratulate Sam because today he graduates from his Mercedes course at UTI and will be starting a job with a Mercedes dealer ship in Orange County in a week or so. GO SAM! YOU ROCK AND WE ARE SO PROUD!

Also this week, I received some great news from my friend Jackie . She is having a baby! I am so excited for her and her husband. I can't wait to hear all about her pregnancy. I didn't have this blog when I was pregnant (although I wish I did!) but most of my entries would have probably been complaints. But now that I can look back being pregnant was a very interesting time and special time in my life. It is a truely amazing experience and is so surreal. Your body goes through some amazing changes in such a short period of time. By the time I was 9 months pregnant I felt like my body was just unhuman.

Last night while waiting for "The Office" (the best show on TV right now!) I was reading one of the many baby magazines I get. In it was an article about some parents who do not feel an immediate love connection with their new borns. It was an interesting article and really made me think. Todays media really gives an ideal view of what newborns are like. Tiny sleeping little bundles and the well rested parents and the already skinny Mom. Oh man, that is so not how it is. They were talking about "the moment" where you connected and feel in love with your baby. For some of the parents it took until the baby was talking that it happened. I will admit this, the moment Sophia was born I knew that I loved her. From the first time that she looked up at me I was hooked, but I was surprised because it wasn't has strong as I thought it would be. Maybe it was because there was so much going on and all the lights and people and equipment were overwhelming me. One thing I do know is that everyday i love Sophia more and more, everytime she smiles at me, everything she accomplished something new, everytime she dances to music, everytime I check on her while she is sleeping, everytime I see her laughing with her Dada. And once in awhile I feel that overwhelmed feeling of love for her that kind of just sweeps over your whole body.

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