Punk Rock Parents: Trapped in a house with a sick baby

Monday, February 20, 2006

Trapped in a house with a sick baby

What an awful weekend. I HATE when Phi is sick. Last Wednesday she threw up pretty bad at work. By Friday she was pucking and had bad diarrhea. She puked at work about 4 on Friday and that was it. I called her doctor and they sent up to Extended Care. Joey left work early and we all headed to the doctor. They were worried that she maybe dehydrated but the doctor said she wasn't, but told us to put her on pedialyte and gave us some suppositories to help with her nausea. Although you know you have become parents with the KY-Jelly is used to help insert a suppository in the kid. Joey worked all weekend and I was stuck in the house changing diapers all day long. Cleaning puke (off of myself) and trying to get Phi to drink water and pedialyte. Not fun. Not fun at all.

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