Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Super Bowl Weekend

Joey had the entire weekend off so we headed to Santa Barbara for a Super Bowl party at my parents house. We left Banning Friday night and got to SB about 9:30pm. We hung out with my parents for a while and let Sophia stay up way too late. We went to bed. My parents has set up a bed for Phi complete with a pillow barrier so she wouldn't roll all over the floor at night, She tends to be an active sleeper.

We woke up at about 9am. Well Phi woke us up at 9am. We fed her some breakfast and were debating what to do for the day. We were either going to go to Solvang, or take Phi to the SB Zoo. Since Joey wanted to be back by 7 for a pay-per-view UFC event we decided on the zoo. So we packed up for the afternoon and headed to the zoo. We saw a lot of animals and even though Phi was very distracted by all the kids (she loved to watch kids) she did seem interested in a lot of the animals. We even stopped and fed her lunch on a patio overlooking the elephants. It was a really nice little zoo trip. (Check out the flickr page for all the pics.) This is the stuff I love, taking my daughter to the zoo. I cannot wait for her to be even older where she can really enjoy the zoo and all the animals. When we can teach her about the animals and all that stuff.

Sophia and the elephants

We found this cute baby elephant

Checking out the Big Ol' Gorillas (looks like Tata!)

This is Sophia's new smile. Cute huh!

Here new shades. She would not keep them on!

We got back to the SB House and Sophia knocked out. While she was sleeping my sister Ouie, Luis and The Chone showed up. Tommyma showed up a little later. We all hung out and watched the UFC pay-per-view. Again Sophia stayed up way too late. And even got to munch on some crumbled up chocolate chip cookies courtesy of her Nana.

On Sunday we got up got ready for the party. Joey and I made a spinach/artichoke dip, and chips and salsa. My sisters brought ready-made trays (lazy asses!) People started showing up at about 2:30 or so. It was a smaller crowd but it was really nice. We all could watch the game in the same room and the kids had the game room all to themselves the whole day. There was a ton of great food. My Tia Angie never, ever disappoints with any of her dishes and this overstuffed sauce-less pizza's were excellent. My Tia Mary made these stuffed mushrooms that I was addicted to all day. And even though I didn't get to sample it until the next day, my Tia Concha made some really good ceviche. My Tia Grace was the party saver because she was the only one who brought dessert! Even Sophia got to sample some of the foods. My Tia Angie let her gum a ritz cracker and Tommyma gave her some lime to try.

Joey the cook with the pink oven mitts

The cousins. I am loving Chones new bangs!

So we did one of those pools with the squares and Tommyma bought one and then bought the remaining 4 right before the game started. He commented on how he never wins those. Well he can't say that anymore. He won the 1st, 3rd and 4th quarter. But Tommyma being the swell guy that he is uses his winning to treat everyone to Coldstone's ice cream. What a great guy. My sisters stayed after all the Tia's left and we hung out for awhile. Elaine has been working on this family tree project and she is using her creative skills to make this great little photo albumn with picture of all of us. Before my sister took off back to Moorpark, we took one big family photo (mikey was the only one missing)

The Gomez Family

Tommyma stayed up with Joey, Me, Phi, Mom and Dad and we hung out in the game room and talked for a few hours. Again Phi stayed up way too late. Do you see the pattern? We will pay for this later!

The No Teeth Twins!

Monday we got up and headed out to State Street with Mom. We looked at some beautiful diaper bags from Petunia Picklebottom. But at $180 a bag I am going to have to wait on one. Joey and Phi got some new kicks at the State St Puma store. That kid has 4 pairs of Puma's! Then we hit to road to have dinner with the Lerma Grandparents and Grandpa Gabriel. We had a nice visit. The girls always love seeing Phi. We got home at about 10pm and put Phi to bed. She had been soooo good all weekend long. But all the late nights and being off her bed time schedule caught up with her and she cried, well screamed really, in her crib until almost 1 am. It was awful. So on Tuesday morning we were all tired. I mean just look at Phi. She is exhusted!

Alright, one last picture of Phi's new smile. (she learned this from her Dad) If you look close you can see her one tooth!


  1. I agree, the last picture is so adorable! I can't believe how big Choner is!! Last time I saw was her pic posted up at GNB which was forever ago. How time flys!!

  2. Anonymous7:30 PM

    I love the picture of angelica and sophia, especially the berkeley shirt.rosie

  3. oh my gosh, how cute is she?!?!
    i love her squinty-face grin
    it's a good thing i'm not around, because those cheeks would get kissed an awful lot.


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