Thursday, February 02, 2006


Sorry for the lack of posts these last few days, but I have been sick. And it is crappy being sick when you have a baby to take care of because you can't nap when you want. This kid is all over the place these days and will put anything and everything in her mouth. We had been in the house for days so last night, since we were in desperate need of diapers, we headed out to Costco. Now this fact is debatable. Joey believes that Sophia has been in a shopping cart before but he couldn't give me an exact store or time. I believe that this was her first shopping cart experience. Besides trying to eat the bars in front of her (notice we have them covered by a blanket) she did very good! She has become such a good sitter. Now if she will just crawl already.

After Costco Joey was craving Benihanna. So Sophia had her first Japanese, cook in front of you, experience. She loved the birthday song and tamborine that the waitresses sang. Everytime the song would start she would stretch her neck all over trying to find where the song was coming from. She wasn't too entertained by the cook, but he wasn't that great. The best part was when he tossed a shrimp tail in his hat and pocket. At the same time!! Nice to know that those cooks are striving for more difficult and more entertaining tricks. Here is a picture of Phi and Dada. She isn't looking because there was some ice cream within her reach.

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