Friday, February 17, 2006

A Cool Elmo Doll?

So I have never been a fan of the Elmo dolls. Not the Tickle Me Elmo, not the Chicken Dance Elmo, not the YMCA Elmo or any other Elmo. Well on Valentine's Day, (after a "romantic" dinner at E-Bar where Phi was being a pill. Dropping everything on the floor and whining when it did) we headed to our favorite store in the world, Target. Joey had told Phi she could pick out her V'day gift so we cruised the toy aisles. We came across the newest Elmo doll in the long long line of Elmo dolls. My sister Elaine is a little too old for the Elmo crave (oh but did she love herself some Barney) The Chone was just the right age for the Elmo crave but was not that into it. I never had to sit through hours of playing with tickle me elmo. And I am thankful for that because just the commercials drove me crazy. Now I had heard around the mommy internet watercooler that a new and best Elmo doll would be coming out. I heard this a long time ago and of course didn't pay much attention because I had no inention of buying Phi an annoying Elmo doll. Okay so this new Elmo doll was displayed at Target. It had a whole big computer thing with the display. Now this Elmo has thousands and thousands of names in its memory bank. We used the computer to find 'Sophia' then tried the demo. Elmo came alive and said. "Hi Sophia" Apparently is plays a bunch of personalized phrases and is even on a timer that will let the kid know when its lunch time, nap time or bed time. This Elmo has a usb port that connects to your computer and you tell it the kids favorite things like color, toy etc. It was so cool. And you should have seen Phi's face when Elmo said her name. Her big eyes got even bigger. I think this may be a must purchase.

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