Monday, February 13, 2006

The Best Baby in all the Land

Joey had saturday off and like all his weekends off we take full advantage and we headed out to Costa Mesa saturday morning. We went to the Orange County Market Place which was basically an OC version of a swap meet. It was freakin awsome! We loved it. It was huge and tons of great stuff. Phi made out like a bandit and got a few new blankets, a new bib, some new socks, and a Curious George doll. It is strange to watch her play with this doll. It is the first time I have seen her really 'play' with a doll. She carrys him around and pats its head when they laying down for a nap. Its cute. We spent between 4 and 5 hours at the swap meet and them we headed to The Block in Orange to meet up with Patty, JZ and Rosie. We had an early dinner at the Alcatraz Brewing Co. Phi had her lunch and some snackers, this time most ended up on the floor. (Thanks for cleaning that up Rose!) We walked all over the mall, went into a bunch of shops, stopped for ice cream and Phi was content the whole time, just kicking it in her stroller. She slept the whole way home. Got home, put her in her pj's and she was right back out. Amazing. We couldn't believe how good she had been. Not even a whimper all day long! This kids loved to be anywhere except the office.

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