Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Bloody Noses and Dr. Visits

Sophia woke up at about 5 am. She cried for awhile and Joey (Dad of the Century) got up to feed her. After he walked in he flipped onher light and called to me that she had a bloody nose. I jumped out of bed and Joey was getting Sophia out of her bed. There was blood on her sheets and there was a bunch of dried up blood under her nose. It looked much worse than it was, but I can't even describe the feeling I got when I saw blood all over my baby's face and bed. I got warm wash cloths and wipes the dried blood from her face. She looked normal again and I calmed down a bit. I called the doctor as soon as I got to work and made a 11:50 appointment. Joey was home with Sophia today so he got her ready and picked me up for her appointment. This was our first trip to her new doctors office and what a difference from her old doctor's office. As soon as we walked in the receptionists were ohhing and ahhing over Sophia. Everything was so nice and there was only one old lady in the giant waiting room. We were seen before our appointment time. What a change from the 2 hour wait at her old doctors office. Infact they called us in before I could even finish the paper work. When I joined Sophia and Joey in the room. A very clean room. No overflowing trash or cheetos on the floor. They were weighting her. She is now 19 pounds and 10 ounces. Time for the big car seat! The doctor came in within 5 minutes. She listened to hear breathing, made sure she didn't have an ear infection and told us to give her the medicine we were already giving her and told us that the cold should last about 7-10 days. She said that the bloody nose was from a mixture of dry air and using the moco-sucker. She said it was common and we did nothing wrong. It was such a wonderful experience even though we had to be there because our baby was sick and we were in and out within 45 minutes. Amazing!

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  1. The same thing happened to Isabella. Except in my case I woke up to see her naked (she had pulled her jammies off) with blood all over her face and a spot on the pillow the size of a basketball. So I woke up to a naked bloody was horrible!! Her doc office wasn't open so I had to take her to the about wait. I guess it happens :-)


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