Saturday, December 03, 2005

Dear Santa....

I have had a few people ask what Sophia needs/wants for Xmas. So i decided to put her email to Santa on here.

Dear Santa,
Hi! My name is Sophia. I live in Banning with my Mom, my Dad and my dog Roo. My Mom is the one with long hair who always looks tired, my Dad is the one who has a face made out of hair. Kind if like yours! Except his is not all white, yet. Roo is the shaggy one sleeping on the couch. My Mom and Dad told me all about you and what you are all about. They even took me to meet you last week. I don't know if you remember me but here is a picture of us:
So Mom and Dad were telling me that if I was good you would bring me presents on Xmas and put them under the tree we put up in our living room. Well about me being good or not. I know my first few months I wasn't really good, but you have to cut me some slack. I was adjusting to being here and to my new home and to my parents. After I got the hang of things I have been pretty good. I even let my parents eat a whole meal at a restaurant last night without being fussy! So here is a list of somethings I need and want.
  • Clothes- it seems like I am growing out of clothes everyday. Also out here in the desert the days are getting c-o-l-d!
  • Feeding Supplies- I have just started eating baby food. I thought cereal was yummy, but things like green beans! I need more spoons, soft ones for the new teeth that are coming in. Also bowls with the dividers.
  • Toys - I really am too mature for a lot of the toys Mom and Dad make me play with. I mean rattles are for 3 month olds! I need some more challenging toys. Toys that make me think, and teach me how to crawl and walk. My 2006 new years resolution is to learn how to crawl and then walk.
  • Changing Table- I have gotten too big for the changing table I have right now. I am not a big fan of being changed on the floor with Roo trying to lick my face the whole time.

Well Santa, I will be happy with whatever you bring me. I am very excited about Xmas. I hope that we get to meet again soon.

Peace Out!


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  1. Adorable picture! For the baby food....cook vegetables and put them in a can do all kinds of combinations (carrot & apple is good one....sounds gross but hey...) Also fruit..strawberries & blueberries...Anything really! Then pour into ice cube trays. Pop them into a freezer bag...makes so much food for cheap & no added stuff. Also when you are going out..Take a cube in a baggie & it melts pretty easily...that's what I did anyways because that freakin' baby food is expensive!!


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