Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Briggs School Lunches

I went to Briggs school for all of my elementary and junior high school. I grew up on this tiny little campus. I even vividly remember the first day of school. I met my BFF. Man there are so many memories from this school. I remember the first time I heard a curse word. We were playing hopscotch and we were at the water fountain wetting out wadded up paper towels that we used as markers. Double dutch jump rope and hand ball. I have so many wonderful memories of this school, the staff and all my classmates. In an email to my family I mentioned Betty the cook. She rocked. She was the cook the entire time I was at Briggs school. Up until 7th grade she had no bottom half in my mind. I only saw her when I walked through the lunch line and she served me up some goodness. It wasn't until about 7th grade when students were assigned to do dishes that I walked behind the counter and Betty became a full human being with legs and everything. When it was your turn to help with dishes you were rewarded by getting an ice cream out of the freezer. Because we were unsupervised when getting this ice cream I remember a time when Jaime Padilla waddeled about of the kitchen into the playground after helping with dishes. He had stuffed his pants with frozen treats for all of us. What a trooper! I remember how good those grape ice creams were. (In genereal, not because they had been in Jaimes pants!) The lunches were always so good. They never varied too much. We had the same dishes over and over again, but they were all sooo good. I think my favorite was the meat and potatoes. I can remember smiling when I saw meat and potatoes on the menu for the week. It was a grayish looking dish served with a hot roll and veggies. Good stuff. I remember my cousin Patty liked the rolls. As soon as we sat down on the long cafeteria bench to eat she would open her roll and inhale the heat. Strange Patty. (It must have helpled increase her brain cells because she would go on to get her master's degree from Harvard! ) Fridays were either pizza or burritos. Jaime Padilla would go around on those days and ask everyone if they were going to finish theirs. Man that guy loved him some burritos. Its amazing how after 14 years I can still close my eyes and see us all there, in the cafeteria, as kids, laughing and eating.

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  1. Anonymous4:34 PM

    I remember that we had to dump our leftovers in one hole (right bucket) and throw the dirty silverware in another hole (left bucket). The leftover food would go to Mrs. Wilde's pig...or was it Mrs. Ayers' pig? Between school and parents we wonder why we feel guilty when we leave food on our plates...:)


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