Monday, December 19, 2005

6 days and counting

We have 6 days until Sophia's first Xmas. Really only 5 days because my family has our big celebration/family get together on Xmas Eve. I am really excited about Xmas this year. The last few years I wasn't too thrilled. When I was married to my ex-husband this time of year was always very stressful. He is Jehovah Witness and you can just imagine the problems the holidays created. Now I have a tree and I decorate my house and with Sophia around it is even more exciting. Joey and I both have wonderful families and even though we spend a lot of time traveling to be with them all, it is always worth it. We always have so much fun at both houses. This year Joey will be dressing up as Santa for all the kids at my Nana's house. He doesn't want to do it but at this point he has no choice. This will also be our first Xmas morning at the Santa Barbara house. I am really looking forward to Sophia experiencing the chaos that is our family Xmas.

P.S. we have yet another new look. Got a call from Crissy and she was stumped by the old new layout. So we will try this. I went with the brown because.......well you know.

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