Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Making Love to the Camera

What a long day yesterday was! We started the day with Sophia's doctors appointment. Sophia spent the day with Dad and has soon as I got home from work her got into 'leave the house' mode. I had to get ready. Not just ready, but take pictures ready. I have never been the type to take hours to get ready. I blame/thank my mom for that. If you have met my Mom you know that she is beautiful, a real natural beauty. So much that he wears almost no makeup. Since most girls learn such things from there Mom I never really learned much except how to wear blush and use an eyelash curler. Anyways... So I got ready and Joey got ready and Sophia sat in her papasan chair in the hallway kicking it with Roo. Then we got her into some jeans, packed her bag and we were out the door. We left the house at 5:15 and we had a 6 o'clock appointment about 45 minutes away. We were cutting it close. And then bam... Traffic. Horrible horrible traffic. So I had to call the place and tell them we were running late. We got to Picture People at the Victoria Gardens mall after 6:30. After some confusion about what poses and how many, we got down to picture taking business. Sophia went first. We were afraid that she would be too cranky from her shots to smile, but she was a pro and the camera ate her up. They took 3 poses of her and they all came out great. She wore the outfit we bought her for her .5 bday. Then is was family portrait time. Joey had been stressing about smiling for days. He claims he does not know how to smile. He is a liar because I see him smile all the time. Its smiling on command that he has problems with. We posed and said cheese and we were done. It took no more than 20 minutes to get all the pictures. We were so proud at how good Sophia did. When we first walked in there was a Mom trying to get her two kids to take a picture. She was threatening to spank both of them. I don't know if she even got a good shot. Our pictures were going to be ready in an hour so we headed out to the mall. Victoria Gardens is my favorite mall right now. It is a great and huge outdoor mall. We took Sophia to meet the man in red himself. I was excited to get her first picture with Santa. As we walked up a 'elf' came up to help us decide on a package. All I really wanted was a Polaroid, but Joey is a complete sucker for Sophia and bought the second biggest package and even added 2 keychains. I put her in the jolly mans lap and she loved it. The picture came out so cute. She looks so excited. Those pics were done in a matter of minutes. I love modern technology and the instant gratification it brings. We walked around the mall a little and stopped in at the Apple store. We looked at ipods (Joey really wants one!) and I looked at laptops (I really want one). I logged on to my blog really quick and that's where last night post came from. I was in a good mood and that was me being silly. I know d-o-r-k. We went to pick up our pics and they were all so extremely awesome. It was so wonderful to see our first family portrait. I stared at it and felt amazing because for the first time I could see my family. There were the three of us smiling, three people that belong together to make the most amazing bond there is.


  1. Anonymous12:51 PM

    I never knew you thought I was beautiful. pn

  2. EVERYONE thinks your beautiful.


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