Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Family Ties

"I am thankful that all my boys were with me this thanksgiving, I am thankfulfor my handsome husband, I am thankful that Miguel had his family with himthis holiday season, I am thankful that my Mom and Dad were with us, I amthankful I was able to be there with all my beautiful sisters, brother, neices,nephews, grand-neices, and grand-nephews. Mostly, I am thankful for having such aclose and loving family, I love you all so much."

(I have being trying to write this blog for almost 24 hours!) My family has finally jumped on the internet bandwagon. Most of my aunts if not all of them finally have email. We even have a family email list made by yours truely. This has made life a little easier and more interesting for all of us. We get everyones forwards and we can all keep updated on my grandparents doctors appointments and stuff. Shout-outs seem to be the big thing lately. My mom sent one out to everyone and the quote above comes from my aunt mary's email to the whole family. I know that my family is rare. I know that not all families are like mine. We are extremely tight-knit. We are together all the time. We are always there for one another and support each other. That has always just been the way it has been my entire life. Now that I am older I can really see what it means to have a family like this. It means that we can accomplish anything and everything we set our minds to. What really has touched me about all these shout-out emails lately is that no one takes this family for granted. We all appreciate what we have and we cherish it. We all know that family is everything and because we appreciate it, the closeness will never go away. So here is my goal, to give a shout-out to every single family member! Stay posted, although this may take awhile.

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